Mornings with the Morchats

Our mornings usually involve a variation of coaching, lifting, scrambles, coffee, and Texas Pete!


You will find I love scrambles. There are endless possibilities. Use your leftovers, use fruit/veggies that are just too soft to eat alone and throw  in whatever you would like!

Get creative.

For those of you that don’t know us very well, Danny and I do not eat gluten (well let me say, we TRY to make a conscious effort to avoid it).  We have learned to mix it up a little, to try new foods. You never know what you are missing if you don’t get out there and TRY.

Although, it is good to have your “fall backs”, things that just work. For us scrambles work. They are fast, easy and sure are tasty.

Now if you will, notice the Texas Pete, bottle of goodness, in the picture. Something that Mr. Jonathan Kalaher introduced to me (unknowingly). When the Kalaher’s moved to NY we acquired their pantry, along with this delightful addition.

Are you getting bored from the same plan Jane eggs? Add a dash of Mr. Pete and POW! You have yourself a new and improved breakfast!

Scramble Recipe:

5 eggs

1/3  Sausage roll

1/2 cob of corn (raw is fine… and yes i know this is a grain but corn doesn’t contain gluten. so, sometimes we let it slide)

1/8 onion diced

7 chopped leaves of Mustard Greens (leftover from the night before)

2 strips of bacon

1/2 avocado

4-6 Strawberries


Cook bacon strips until preferred crispiness. Set aside. Beat eggs in a separate bowl. Seat aside. Cook sausage in bacon grease. Once sausage is mostly cooked (only slight hints of pink) throw in onions, corn, and mustard greens. Allow to simmer until sausage is fully cooked. Place eggs over mixture and allow them to cook.

Plate bacon, avocado, stawberries and eggs onto plate! ENJOY!


3 responses to “Mornings with the Morchats

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m looking forward to using your recipes to make eating veggies easier for me!

  2. Texas Pete is LEGIT!
    Too bad its made in North carolina… I guess at least one good thing has to come out of that place. haha!

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