Work Outs

Okay, so I’m sure some of the lingo for my workouts may seem a little foreign. I’ll do my best to define/describe/show you what I’m doing.

Remember when I said I need people to remind me of my goals? Well sometimes you have to find that person. It has been a while since I’ve had a training partner (of the same sex). Don’t get me wrong I love working out with the guys. The majority of them are a great driving force. They like to go heavy without thinking twice. Not to say boys are careless, but they are okay with doing things that normally I would say “Um, so you want me to do what?”

I would recommend training with both men and women. It is good and easy to train with those who are “like” you.  Same speed, weight, experience…. It is another thing to workout with people who are on different levels than yourself. It challenges you to be patient, to push yourself, to encourage, to coach, to communicate! Find someone who knows more, who is faster, stronger, someone who will push you in areas that you are weak. (someone who will be honest with you about your weaknesses) And on the other hand if you know someone who needs encouragement and a little push invite them to join you. Bring them to the box/gym with you. Sometimes it takes a little group effort to get a good thing started.

So, I have some pretty fantastic male training partners and coaches and recently I just found a female training partner!

Let me tell you she is a stud! I think the only thing that has changed in my workouts lately are the conversation topics. 🙂

In my workouts I try to focus on my “weak” areas and overall I know I can get much stronger. So, I program my workouts to contain some sort of strength work. If I have learned anything from Dutch it’s that we can all benefit from more of a strength based program.

For my strength workout I have been using the Strength Cycle II from Performance Menu.

Yesterday’s Strength Training

Back Squat 2×2   (2 reps for 2 sets. Rest b/w each, the weight should be heavy, but not your max. )

Snatch Pull 1×2  (2 reps for 1 set. Weight should a little over 100% of your max snatch.)

Push Press 4×3  (3 reps for 4 sets. Weight should be heavy around 70% of your max push press.)

WOD (workout of the day)

“Diane” Yes the WOD has a name!

21- 15- 9



Handstand Pushups



J 6:30 (135lbs)

V 10:20 (72lbs), modified h.p.

* if you do not know your “max”, start out at a light weight and gradually work up.

** Also if you don’t know how to do something ask someone who you know has knowledge on the subject. Get a trainer, go to classes. I am slightly biased for our box …. So, if you live in the BCS area come on by we have pleanty of room for more!


2 responses to “Work Outs

  1. your blog is way cooler than mine

  2. Her blog is definitely cooler. You have her beat with you beard, at least you have that! I have neither, hmmm, I may have to get a blog going.

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