La Croix


You know those times when you just want something cold and bubbly? Then you grab a beer or a soda? And then it goes down hill from there….

Well the Morchat’s have found the cure! (actually the Smiths introduced us) This delightful, refreshing drink has no calories, no sweeteners/sugar, no sodium! It is carbonated water! (coming in a variety of flavors) La CROIX. (the x is silent but i to like pronounce it with the x)

Okay, so this may be  a premature call for the cure. I don’t know much about carbonated water. I’ve done just a little research and all looks well from where I stand. BUT, before we get too addicted, if anyone has any info on CO2 water feel free to post in the comment section!


One response to “La Croix

  1. YES. I love this stuff too. The grapefuit LaCroix is really yummy too, but I’ve only found it at Target, and it’s kind of expensive. I also get the lemon and lime flavors of the HEB brand- good stuff, and a dollar cheaper.

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