This is why…

I know, I know I’ve talked about this a lot already so be patient with me…. This is why I work out with people who are honest with me. My workout today could have been really easy. I could have done the same weight that I normally do. (the same weight I lifted with last time) BUT…

Before the workout Marshall says to me “hey Jordan I think you can do some more weight.” So, of course I added weight. When someone tells you to add weight (and you respect their coaching/knowledge) you just do it!

Marshall and I did this exact workout about two months ago. I used 65lbs and today I increased the weight to 85lbs. 20 more pounds than what I was doing two months ago! So, here is the workout:

Today’s WOD:

10-8-6-4-2 Cleans

50-40-30-20-10 Sit Ups

(alternating cleans and sit ups)

J: 9:40 (85lb)

M:9:04 (135lb)

Justin: 11:22 (135lb)

V:(out of town)

My last time on this exact workout was over 10 min and I was using 20 lbs less for my cleans! CRAZY. Marshall’s time also has improved! (his last time was also over 10 min) And Justin is just a stud. He makes improvements daily!

This is also why I eat the way I do.  I can not remember who told me the expression “don’t piss in you gas tank”, but it sure has stuck with me. The way you eat directly affects how you perform, how you look and overall how you feel!
More info/science on food to come.


One response to “This is why…

  1. Looking forward to your thoughts on diet and food. Never heard it put that way and LOVE IT! I’ll be thinking that phrase when the chocolate cravings seem too much! 😉

    Tina Klinesmith

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