be silent, be still…

So there is a lot of information out there about how we should live, what we should eat or drink, what type of workouts we should do, how much you should rest…. you name a subject and I’m sure we could find any amount of conflicting information!

I know that one way of living life might work  for one person and another for another. The majority of the information out there, I think, began with good intentions. We find something that works for us and then force it down everyone’s throat saying “this is the only way to THRIVE.”

I  live life a certain way. I have found a way for me to thrive. AND It has taken me a lot of time and a lot of awkward moments to help me learn that change takes patience. I’m not even talking about myself and my own changes, but the change that you want in your community and with the people in your life.

Patience. I think this is huge! Be patient with yourself as you begin to experiment with the new things you learning. Be patient with your friends, as I’m sure everyone has an opinion on what health is and what it should be for you or themselves.

Have patience with people and have patience with yourself.

Learn from others and LISTEN. When you think you know it all I can guarantee that someone knows more. There is someone that has been in your shoes and is already 10 steps ahead.

I can say all of this because I have been there…

My husband introduced me to Dutch (my patient coach, who knows way more than I). I was a nutritionist at the time, working for the gov’t. He asked my thoughts on nutrition and referred me to some books. Of course anything he said I thought to myself  “Nope I have taken way more classes on nutrition and I am perfectly fine, but I do like books so I’ll read what you got.”

I did not listen, but I did research.

I guess 1 out of 2 is okay:). I’m a dork by nature . I love to learn. I love to read. I love me some science. Although, researching topics were fun for me,  he  lead me to information that contradicted everything that I knew to be true!

Fat is good for you, what? Bread can do what to you? Excuse me, but that is all that I eat!

After all of my researching, Dutch would listen.  He would listen to me argue into the ground why it was wrong. That is all he would do. Listen. (I think that is all I would allow him to do.)

So there was a turning point for me. I went to hear Robb. Somewhat of a Guru in the subject of nutrition and charting on waters far away from my norm. I was placed in a class where I had to LISTEN. He gave me my science, he gave me advice, and it all clicked.

What I’m trying to say here is that people will come around. Be patient with the ones you love, the ones you teach,  and they will eventually listen, it will eventually click. Even if they are not listening to you, you will have prepared them to listen to someone.


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