did someone say bacon?

I actually made this for a party and everyone loved the brussels!  Let go of that stigma and try something new.

Brussel Sprouts





Nuts (I have used macadamia, almond and pine nuts and all work well)

On medium heat, Cook desired amount of bacon. Set bacon aside. Cut brussels in half and place in pan with bacon grease. Add 1 tbsp of butter and satay until slightly soft. Mix bacon, brussels and nuts!!

* just a warning, if brussels are overcooked they will smell/taste like sulfur. just make sure to pay attention while cooking.


Bacon wrapped Dates


goat cheese



almonds (chopped)

Preheat oven to 350.

Pit the dates. Stuff dates with goat cheese and almonds. Wrap date in bacon (I use 1/2 a strip for each). Place dates on baking pan and cook until bacon is finished. (10-15min)


I found both of these recipes from Melissa Byers’ website.


6 responses to “did someone say bacon?

  1. mmm, your bacon-dates were so good! This may be obvious, but how exactly do you pit a date?

  2. great question…

    i take a small knife to the long end of the date. (it is usually an oval shape) from there i dig in a circle around where the seed would be located, sometimes i can grab a little bit of the seed with the end of my knife and i use my fingers to pinch the seed out.

  3. I’m not especially fond of either brussel sprouts or dates, but I might have to try these recipes this weekend…they look awesome.

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  5. Brussels sprouts are fantastic! I can’t believe I’ve never had them before. Jordan, thanks so much for the wonderful introduction.

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