We all have those milestones. The type that stick with you for years….

My first max deadlift attempt was close to about two years ago. 170lbs. Over the past two years my deadlift has increased only incrementally and very very slowly.

Two months ago, I lifted with Dale, Danny, and Marshall. We did the dreaded deadlift. My max was 175 lbs. Great, I finally PRed, but a 5lb increase in 2 years. It just seems slow! I know, I know… I’ve talked a lot about patience and it is totally appropriate for my life and my deadlift.

Again two months ago: 175lbs

Yesterday: 205lbs!!!

Not only did I break 200, but I had a 30lb increase in just two months. Holy crap!

So, anytime something huge happens I have to evaluate. What have I been drinking, eating, lifting to make this large of a jump in two months…

The one thing I can think of is that I have been consistent with everything. I would guess since May, I have been consistent with my diet, my sleeping habits, and my lifting schedule. Sure I have had some off days, but for the most part I have stuck to my plan.

Do you have a goal, that milestone? Make a plan, draw an outline on how you will get there, and be consistent with that plan.

I have some clients who get incredibly frustrated by lack of improvements, and even slight regressions. It seems that most of the time they are committed to one thing, but not to another. They will workout till the sun goes down, but their diet sucks. Or vice-versa or they are not committed to either one.

Dutch will be posting some pretty great reviews of different training programs. Do you have a goal to get stronger? Check this out. Is your goal to eat healthier? Purge your kitchen/pantry of the temptation that lives with you and just get started! (and stay tuned we will have some more practical ways to eat well.)

Be consistent with yourself. Commit to a program, get yourself a plan and “balls to the wall”!

Training will not be easy, but the rewards are worth every bit of the pain.

Do you have any milestones you have recently broken through? What are some that stand in your way? Feel free to share.


One response to “Milestones

  1. Look at that bar bend!!!
    Fucking Fantastic!

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