self talk.

I promise I have been working out. This past week we have been training for an event called Fight Gone Bad. I have been doing a lot of movements that I dread… I mean my stomach falls, my palms get sweaty, my heart races and I truly contemplate walking out the door, straight to my bedroom to take a nap.

A few movements I have been somewhat focusing on, because they are my goats (something stubborn that does not improve unless pulled, tugged, and worked over until it gives in and does what you want) are Wallball, thruster, row, box jump, and  push press (anything overhead).

In addition to all of that I have been lifting heavy. Which I like much better than any of the above.

Workouts have been fun. I talk a lot about using people in my community to motivate me, but lately I have been doing some things solo. Once you find your internal motivation (outside of community) this working out thing will last longer. You may not always have someone with you to provide that encouragement.

The constant is yourself.

Your thoughts are always with you, learn to encourage yourself. I think they call it “positive self talk”. Learn to speak truth, learn to build rather than break…

Once you begin to do this there is nothing you can not do. This exercise thing will last longer (not in the length of each exercise, we can talk about that later or just go here and you will get your fill…  but in life span). Your commitment will be your own and will not falter when other people do.


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