foot rubs


This past week I have been resting. We talk a lot about consistency, pushing yourself, eating well, and going heavy, but rarely do people put emphasis on rest.

On Monday I could tell my body was breaking down. I was exhausted from lack of sleep, my muscles ached, my performance was decreasing… (I could barely lift the weight and my times were sucky.) If you see more than one of these little red flags it is probably a good indicator that you also need to take a nap.

So this week I took naps. I enjoyed coaching people and not feeling guilty for NOT working out. I stretched and rolled and got foot rubs from D-MO.

It was NICE.

The key to good rest is actually resting, enjoying the things you love to do and actively pushing away those little devils that say “you must work, you are lazy if you are not working”. The key to GREAT rest is on top of that making sure you are eating well.

Your body will feel more tired if you treat it like crap… Remember those great words of advise “Don’t piss in your gas tank”.

Think about it… You are trying to let you body heal from all of your hard work and then you feed it high inflammatory foods (aka bread,cereal, grains).Your body will kick you in the butt, if I don’t first. 🙂

Be nice to yourself.

Treat yourself well.

Rest if you need it and after you rest get back to your training!


One response to “foot rubs

  1. good word, Jordan. Thanks for the encouragement.

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