proximity is key

We haven’t talked a lot about the “quality” of food, but I wanted to point something out.

We have chickens that we get our eggs from. They spend all day in our backyard, roaming, grazing, scratching, laying… doing the things that they were actually born to do. I recently purchased a dozen of “organic” eggs from the grocery. Although this brand claimed to be healthy (and im sure it is better than some) the difference  between our eggs and these was a little eye opening. The taste, the color, and the consistency are almost too different for my comfort (that is, as far as quality goes). I am not saying that you will acquire a disease if you choose to eat Industrial Produced eggs. All I am saying is that there is a difference in the quality of food grown closer to you. There is a difference in the nutrient content of food grown in a way that does not sacrifice the lifestyle of the animal.

Think about it. If you were forced to live in a cage for the rest of your life and produce. I’m sure the quality of your work would suck too.

(I know this is not very scientific. If you want the science behind anything nutrition go to Robb. He will load you up.)

If you do not have the space to host chickens, then find a farmer’s market. In Bryan there are a few each week. (see here for more details)

Getting closer to where your food comes from usually equals better quality of food entering your mouth. If you actually lived next to an Industrial Farm I would place money on you choosing NOT to eat anything they produce.




Which one do you think came from our chicks?


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