The best birthday.

This weekend I had the honor to learn from the “greats” in Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, business, and programing. I cannot tell you how much I learned in such a small amount of time. If you are an affiliate owner, you need to attend the Black Box Summit.

The Greats Pictured Below: : Jeremy Thiel, Dutch Lowy, Michael Rutherford, Robb Wolf, Nicki Voletti, Aimee Anaya, Greg Everrett, James Fitzgerald, & Carey Kepler

It may take a few days for me to explain my experience and for now I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to all the “greats” who coordinated the event and gave us abundant information and encouragement!

And a big thank you to my husband for the best birthday present a girl like me could have imagined!

We also participated in a workout this weekend, the first MetCon that I have done in at least a month. All there is to say is that I survived.  The picture below is of Danny, Charlie and me after the beat down.



2 responses to “The best birthday.

  1. You are still smiling after the workout thats always a good sign!!! Hopefully Charlie will share his experience with his Crossfitters soon. I heard nothing but good things about the food from the nutrition class, best of luck at the second attempt on Thanksgiving!
    ~JoAnna Tijerina

  2. Hey Strong Girl (I don’t know your name yet!) I’m pretty sure you’ve seen on the main Crossfit site about the fundraising event for the fallen soldiers at Lumberjack Crossfit on Fort Hood. Would you consider joining us for the event on Fort Hood on 5 December?

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