New Year beginnings and good pizza.

And I’m back. The break was wonderful. I spent most of my time in the hot springs when I probably should have been lifting.

This time has been good. There has been a lot of rest and good quality time with people that I love.

This post is long overdue. For the next couple of months I will be updating my meal plans for the week. I think this may help when planning for your meals. You do not have to eat what we eat, this is only an outline for what you can do. If you notice I did start on a Wednesday and ended on a Sunday, we have had a lot of company this past week. I will post more for the next week.

Let me know if you have more recommendations.



B- Egg tortes

L- Leftover Sausage, avocado, and fruit

D-Paleo Pizza with pear salad


B- Paleo pancakes, bacon, sausage

L- Leftover Pizza

D-  Mango and steak salad with sweet potato pie


B- Peach Scramble

L- Leftover sausage and salad

D- Ribs with seasonal veggies


B- Chorizo Tacos w/avocados

L- Leftover Ribs

D- Bacon wrapped pork


B/L- Brunch at Eccell Steakhouse (giftcard:)

D- Shrimp Extravaganza

So I tried a few new recipes this week. Paleo pizza is a great one! It was wonderful and a must try if you having that pizza craving. It was completely satisfying!

I pray for a lot of  love, peace and paleo goodness for you in this New Year!


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