One-z’s, good coaches and a challenge to all

Okay guys I am back! There is so much to mention!

This past weekend Danny, Meggie, Marshall, Wes and I competed in the Texas State Championships for Olympic Lifting. It was awesome. I am so thankful for Dutch and all of his help. He is a fantastic coach and I am constantly blown away by his knowledge. He and Danny coached me through my lifts. They both brought a sense of peace and calmness during the competition (something that I would never have expected while wearing a one-z, on a platform, in front of a crowd!) Hence the outfits below.

Okay here is the link to the clean. Dutch did a great job of putting it in slow-mo. It makes it seem that much more difficult. For the clean I PR’d at 52kg (~115#)! I did miss it on the jerk. I went up by 12# from my previous clean wt. I had a blast. The people in the Oly lifting community are wonderful. I felt nothing but encouraged by everyone around!

Also, it is the beginning of the Paleo Challenge months! The box is challenging people for two months, 8 weeks, to eat solely Paleo foods! If you want to join us let me know. This way of eating has been life changing. I feel better, I am stronger, I look better and I have never eaten better than I do now! I am serious. You can enjoy your food and treat your body well at the same time!!! Whoop to that!


One response to “One-z’s, good coaches and a challenge to all

  1. I love seeing your tiny body do such powerful work!
    Love you!

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