feet, fish, and footwear

For the past two weeks my feet have hurt. Pain is somewhat of an understatement. I cannot really begin to tell you how miserable I have felt. And the only contributing source is something as small as my feet (size 6:). It has affected my whole body and the way I move has completely changed. It is similar to that of a waddle. I feel old and crippled.

Once this pain started affecting how I was operating, I had this awful fear. Really it has kind of exposed my vanity. It was not a fear that at this progression in the near future I would need a walker or something to aid in my waddling and it wasn’t really a fear that at this rate I wouldn’t be doing much Crossfit or Oly Lifting.

It was this:

My shoes…

Ugh. So I went to the Dr. and the Dr. told me that I have a lot of inflammation in my feet. And that I needed to purchase these….

My nightmare has now become reality. Once I started breathing again I told the Dr. “That I was sorry, but there is no way I will be walking around in these shoes.” I am only 25 for crying out loud! I told him “Sir I will purchase a good pair of shoes that feel right and comfortable, but I cannot buy these shoes.” We made our agreement and I was on my way.

After leaving the Dr. I felt no sort of comfort. I was not healed. He had not given me medicine,  there was no “take two of these and call me in the morning” type of conversation. So I began to think….

Okay inflammation… I am good at this, I talk to people everyday about decreasing their inflammation. So, I started to examine my food. Clean as a whistle. My recovery methods. Also, very good (cold showers, appropriate foods, trigger point therapy).  And then I remembered I had stopped taking fish oil supplements about a month ago. There was a point when we were a little strapped for cash and I just did not replace our empty bottle.

That evening, Thursday night, I took 16 capsules (don’t think I’m crazy, if you have an ailment you may also need to consume more… see here). The next day I took the same amount. And by Saturday, I was running!!!! I was wearing my boots and walking. Not waddling. I was walking on uneven surfaces and I was fine!!!!!

I am a believer if I never was before. There is a lot of science out there, A LOT. We wont go into that here. If you are hurting (even if you have no physical problems, it will do you good) take your fish oil people and call me in the morning!

If you are interested google: fish oil (or Omega-3) and inflammation. It is very interesting.


3 responses to “feet, fish, and footwear

  1. Very cool Jordan! I know that taking fish oil has helped me sleep better at night, but your story is pretty amazing! What are you doing running?? Someone must have been chasing you! 🙂

    • Ha, you are smart! I was actually chasing the chickens :). Those crazies get out and wonder the neighborhood all of the time! I miss you meg! When is your next visit to the BCS area?

  2. soon i hope!!! I need to get down there for another lifting sunday workout, those are fun…

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