recent activities

This website is a great resource for those pursuing a simple paleo lifestyle. It will even plan out your meals for the week AND print off a shopping list. Crazy good for those who have babies or hectic schedules or for those who don’t really know where to start.

I use this website to get some recipes (which are FREE). I have many friends who pay for the meal plans and they thoroughly enjoy this site.

As for what I have been up to lately…. Our garden is still producing some winter veggies. This kale was absolutely delicious. Recipe to come.

The chickens are as ornery as ever. Not to say that I don’t enjoy them, especially when they follow me around. I sometimes feel like a mother hen (in a very literal sense). These ladies love their veggies and they love to eat. Before this picture was taken there was an enormous artichoke plant. Now…. nothing!

Just another good ol’ fashioned sand box.

Since our recent garden take over we had to make some quick decisions before this got too out of hand.  Don’t let them fool you, they have plenty of room to run, dig, play, poop, eat… everything you could ever want…  except for the few  slightly larger next door neighbors.

I hope everyone is doing well. More posts to come. Much love and peace on this lovely Wednesday!


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