ugh it’s goal setting time again.

This may be my confession time…

I have had a lack of focus and direction for sometime now, mainly in the area of working out. After the lifting comp. I was initially excited to go back to my Crossfit wods. Then I did “Fran” (a gnarly workout for those who don’t do CrossFit), alone, and any motivation or excitement I had was quickly replaced with discouragement and apathy.

Since then I have tried to tune in on myself. I have been asking myself questions like: What are the things I desire… what are my new goals… do I need to focus more on nutrition… what areas can I press into further….  ultimately what do I want and what do I need to do to get there?

If you know me, you know that I am a pretty indecisive person by nature. I don’t like making decisions or changes, so questions like this are so important for me to sit down and hash out.

(gillian mounsey)

As I was going through my goals I realized almost EVERYTHING that I wanted was a body wt/gymnastic move:

(just a small list of my goals)

  • muscle up
  • dead hang pull ups (so close!)
  • rope climb
  • handstand push up (close! head to ground)
  • ring dips (so close!)
  • back/front lever

I am going to be honest I hate to admit when I can’t do something. So, this post is huge for me. Just one more thing to keep this accountability strong.

Recently, I have begun training with a small group of women twice a week. This has been fantastic. I love these women and they hold me to my goals. They also keep me accountable to a consistent program and they make the “sport” fun again. I needed to find the fun.

So, enjoy today! Is it time for you to make some new goals? A new time line on those goals?

Enjoy the way your body moves and be thankful!

~ stay tuned for a sweet soup recipe…. it’s good trust me.


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