algebra made easy.

Fish oil…

Such a great topic of conversation. During our introductory classes we go over inflammation and with that we discuss fish oil (an anti-inflammatory). A rule of thumb I give out, is to take a handful at each meal. Although this is a great starter, people want to know exactly how much should they be taking.  This is great and useful knowledge but…

It has been a while since me and the majority of the population have done basic algebra. And I’m no math specialist (my sweet husband’s profession just fyi)… So I feel, since I am recommending people to take a certain amount, it is up to me to find their number.

I think Danny gets a kick out of watching me make up my own equations for fish oil quantities. I will say that I am pretty accurate, it just takes me a while.  I get out my pencil, paper, calculator and I get it done! Occasionally, you will hear me yell, “Do I multiply the denominator to the numerator or do I divide to find x?” You’d think I would know by now, but for some reason after each equation I try to forget about it… Ugh….

Recently, Melissa and Dallas have done a wonderful job in making my job easy. I would like to present to you:

The Robb Wolf/Whole 9’s Fish Oil Calculator! Enter your numbers and Ta-Da!



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