how does your garden grow?

For our gardens we usually buy transplants from A&M. They are fantastic and always grow so well, but this year we wanted to try to grow our own from seeds. (which is A LOT less expensive)

I tend to save everything, so we had a few egg cartons hanging around. These make great seedling starters.

Once we planted and watered our seeds we placed them in a plastic box and covered them with plastic and put them in the shade. This creates your own little green house. Once your seeds begin to sprout and almost touch the plastic, remove the plastic and let your seedlings sit in the shade  for another week.

If you are using biodegradable cartons you can just cut the individual cups and place into the ground. If you are using plastic or foam… don’t even think about it. Remove the seedling with the roots and then place into the ground.

Is anyone else gardening this spring? What are you growing?


One response to “how does your garden grow?

  1. We’ve got herbs and a pepper plant growing on our balcony. Not much room to grow anything else!

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