stop. take your pants off now.

So I heard yesterday was “Eat What You Want Day”. Ummm do we really need a day allotted for this? It seems that most people already eat what they want and do what they want, whenever they want.

I mean I understand the  “No Pants Day”. Everyday we are required to put on some sort of britches. Allowing people to disrobe every now and then is personally liberating and for the betterment of all mankind.

But giving people just one more reason/excuse to consume crap and make themselves sick… it kind of makes me sick.

Moral of the short story: Eat paleo and take off your pants every now and then.


5 responses to “stop. take your pants off now.

  1. Love it! Good thing we didn’t know that there is only one day called “no pants day” in college… we celebrated it everyday! (at home at least :))

  2. We were only supposed to do that at home? 🙂 Love you girls.

  3. Haha this totally made my day. See more people need to realize that if you eat healthy, then you won’t be ashamed to take your pants off… 😉

  4. Man! I miss this!!!

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