pressing on

Food is one of the greatest pleasures that we are all given. It involves every sense: we see it, we taste it, we smell it, we touch it, and we can even hear it!

With every pleasure we are given we have the opportunity to do it well or to use and abuse it.

I don’t have all the answers when it comes to food. I can tell you what WILL make you feel, look and perform better, but for some people there is just more to it than the science. For many, food can be a huge mental game and when you start messing with people’s addictions, baggage, apathy… it can get ugly.

All this to say I encourage you to press into areas of your life that make you want to run away. When I mention eating paleo or cutting out grains to some people, I can see their face turn towards that door. Instead of running away from the things that scare you or make you work, try pressing into those areas.

Think of it as a wound. Would you let a deep cut bleed out? NO! You would die. Instead, you press into that wound until the bleeding stops, you tend to it, you care for it, until there is complete healing.

If you knew that you were sick, wouldn’t you do the same? And if you know me, when I say sickness it isn’t just people who are in the hospital. Sickness is much more than a diagnosis. If you eat in a way that causes systemic inflammation (aka if you eat grains, dairy, legumes… this is you), you will be sick eventually. Also, think of the emotional and mental attachment you have to food, if you look at it real closely, would you say it is a healthy relationship?

Press into, tend to, and care for those areas that need healing  and you will be healed.  Find people who will also press into you. Do you need a coach (i know a good one 😉 )? You need to know that you deserve this, you are worth the extra work. Not for anyone else, but yourself. Start treating yourself well.


2 responses to “pressing on

  1. Well said. Thanks Jordyn..

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