summer sun and times for exploring

Oh I have begun to write many times, but always press save for later use. This summer has been one of work, early mornings, re-doings, and a consistent scorching sun. It seems like the time I have to write, is exchanged for time to sit and think, or many times just to sleep.

I wake this morning to find that I have been graciously given a helper. This summer as I was considering the whys and whats of the business I have been given one thing I came back to, over and over again, was the company I longed for which any “normal” job may provide. Recently I have had much more direction and support. It has been nice. So with all this sweet transition in effect, I am now able to sit and write.

I was reading through “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, where he superficially touches on about absolutely every subject you can think of. I’m still trying to figure out what his point was. Anyway, there was one thing that he mentioned that has stuck with me. He talked a little about ad-lib plays and what makes really great ones, great and really terrible ones, terrible. One thing within his dissection was that excellent stories come from people who are open for the ride. When people allow life to happen. When a suggestion is given, it isn’t stopped or shut down, it is explored and expanded on.

I know life is not exactly a play, but I’m learning to explore a little more. I really love that word. Explore. I’m trying to use it as often as possible. I have been telling my clients to explore their glutes by rolling on a pvc pipe. I think the word gives great direction with many things. Anyway, I digress…. Try saying yes to things today. Things that you may normally say no to, say yes and see where you are lead to. Explore the possibilities.

If only we lived this close to so many coconuts…. That would be fantastic!


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