We are having a BABY!!

Okay guys, I am back from the crazy world called life. I, honestly, was not intending on picking back up with writing on this blog. Mainly, I’ve been spilling out my mind into http://www.blackboxstrength.com, but new news has recently presented itself…. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!

With this wonderful news, I’ve decided to pick back up with blogging on this site. It’s more for documentary purposes and my mom has requested updates on the baby bump. I’ve also wanted to write about my experience for other moms, who may be in a similar life situation. Once I found out I was prego, I searched all over the web for fitness and nutrition information. I came to a conclusion, there is not a lot of substance to most of what people/organizations recommend for pregnant women.

I’ve also come to realize everyone’s pregnancy is very different and even every pregnancy from the same woman can be different. So, this is just my story. I’ve eaten unweighed/unmeasured Paleo for close to 3 years. I’ve trained pretty hard for the past 3-4 years. During this time, I’ve been on a consistent CrossFit program, Olympic lifting program, or strength development cycles. I’ve competed in a few CF competitions and Olympic Lifting meets (nothing too notable to mention, but I just wanted to give a little info on myself). This is just a little of my recent background.

It is always best to start any fitness program PRIOR to pregnancy. I’ve written a little bit about it here on the BlackBox Blog. I think the main point of my pre-pregnancy blog is: “If you are wanting to become pregnant or if you are even considering that one day you may want to host a fetus, it would be wise to get your shit together TODAY!”.  Once you are pregnant, life is pretty unpredictable. I’ve had it pretty easy compared to most (no sickness), but I was unprepared for the complete exhaustion and slow recovery (from workouts) I experienced in the first trimester.

If I hadn’t had really good eating habits or consistent workouts prior to pregnancy, I do believe life would have been VERY difficult. I believe if you develop good habits now, when life gets tough it’s easier to continue to do the things that are normal (like eating well, sleeping well, and exercising). These things were very easy to do during the first trimester, because they were so engrained in my natural everyday life. This is not the norm, for most women, but they will make that first trimester easier. I’ll explain more in another post. But I really do believe if you eat well, sleep well, and exercise appropriately the all too common symptoms of pregnancy don’t have to be the normal for you!

Okay, enough of my ranting, I really could go on for a long time… So, in this blog, I am in no way saying that my word is greater than a Doctor’s. So, if you are here and you are prego and things that I say also conflict with what your Doc says. My advice would be listen to the Doc. I would also recommend listening to your intuition (this usually doesn’t lie). Get a second or third opinion, do your own research, question the why behind the what…. It’s your body and your baby, so ask questions and make sure your not just doing something, because you’re being told “this is how it’s done”.

10 Weeks

14 weeks

16 weeks

17 Weeks


I still do all of the lifts, although the weight is a lot lighter (maybe at 85/75%). My abdominal muscles don’t seem to want to stabilize as well as they used to. The only movement that I’ve cut out of the equation is box jumps. They just make me a little nervous. I still jump, double unders are actually one of my favorites right now.  I still do handstands/cartwheels, mainly for fun. Also, sit ups (which are recommended to be cut off in the 2nd tri) are still great and feel comfortable (we will touch on a few movements that people say to avoid and a little of the why, a little later).

A good rule of thumb, if it feels weird, funny or uncomfortable, stop it and do something else!

Cravings: Mustard (like on everything, yum!) and Sunflower Seed nut butter on bananas!

Sleep: normal, sleep throughout the night.

Sex: Yes, please… HA! No, just kidding. We find out the sex of the baby on Wednesday (tomorrow!). Pray for the little one to be spread eagle, so we can get a good look!

Websites I love:


http://chriskresser.com/  (specifically his baby code)

www.onefitmom.com (this is really the only website I’ve found by another pregnant woman who has been consistently active and eating well. It’s very encouraging)


2 responses to “We are having a BABY!!

  1. Congratulations! I heard the news a few weeks ago and I’m so excited for you both. I’m glad to hear that the pregnancy is going well. I’m praying for a healthy and far-from-modest baby tomorrow!

  2. We are soooo excited for you guys! Any news on the sex?

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