It’s a Boy! (Post from January 2012)

We found out that we are having a sweet baby boy! We have decided on a name and a little theme for the nursery. After seeing the sonogram, it really made this all very real for me. My first thoughts were ones of excitement and crazy joy. Then I began to think, this baby will get bigger and is going to have to exit somehow. EEEK. Labor anxiety set in for about a week after.

On Sunday we went to our first Bradley class. The Bradley Method is a husband coaching method, you can read more about it here. Our teacher, Rachel, is so sweet and has really helped to set my mind as ease about laboring. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it or that in the back of my mind I want the epideral, it’s just thinking about the unexpected that freaks me out a bit. Kind of like your first tattoo, you envision the pain you even pinch yourself to see if you maybe able to handle it, but nothing really prepares you for what you may go through.

I’ve enjoyed the Bradley Class, because I just like knowing things. I like to be informed. I like to be prepared. These classes have been great for that.

On another note, we have decided to use a midwife. We actually decided this a long time before we were pregnant. I even interviewed the midwifes in town (pre-pregnancy) to see what our options were. This was probably the point in my life were I realized I am a bit controlling/type A personality (you know, I just wanted to be prepared 😉 ).

We found a sweet, experienced lady, that we just really click with. She supports the way I eat, our lifestyle, and the way I workout. It’s kind of funny, I say she supports the way I workout, but I’m not quite sure if she understands what I do. She has told our Bradley Class teacher that she works with us and she called Danny and me body builders…. I just let her think what she wants. I actually kind of like being labeled a body builder. It’s fun to think about, me and my lady lump with all my ripalicious muscles. HA!

Anyway, from the beginning, one thing we decided to do when making choices, was to not act out of fear. The more I am exposed to this new world, the more I realize how baby manufacturers, media, and even doctors do a good job of instilling fear into a lot of pregnant women/families (Let me clarify more: while it is good and wise to take advise from a doctor you trust, it is also good to recognize fear when it is fear). Fear is the last thing that we want as a driving force in our life. When we are fearful, our rational mind goes out the window. We end up believing in lies that normally would never be a reality. Fear does a great job of tricking us into thinking that there is no such thing as grace. Fear blinds us from truth.

I guess I say these things, because it can be easy to become fearful with pregnancy or with anything in the area of the unknown. We have been very encouraged by this process of seeking truth for our lives. This is not saying that what is true for us, at this time, is what is true for everyone else.


One response to “It’s a Boy! (Post from January 2012)

  1. Yay! My three barbarians were born Bradley-style. Giving birth was one of the coolest things in my life, and I am so thankful I could be fully present in the moment. When you let your body do the work it is made to do, it is a beautiful thing!!
    We love you and can’t wait to see the new Morchat Farm Product!

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