27 weeks

(Squatting at 27 weeks. I apologize for the up close and personal shot… I’m still figuring out how to use the camera. And mom, don’t freak out about the weights… I promise this is light weight)

We are now at week 27 and things are really great. I feel good and I can move around pretty well. I think my biggest obstacle, so far, has been the mental aspect of growing a baby. I feel like I know myself pretty well and prior to getting pregnant, I knew that I had a lot of selfish/prideful natural instincts to work through. When you consider the things you naturally struggle with in life, it seems that they do tend to come back on occasion, but just in different clothing. It is often time a quite humbling experience, that turns me to trusting in the Lord and his refining love.

So, it is fitting that my biggest obstacle with pregnancy has been more of the mental aspect of getting larger, not fitting in clothing, not being able to do some of the things I normally can do (yes, all very selfish and prideful things…).

I’m reminded by my sweet husband and lovely friends not to take life too seriously. To let go of the things I’m holding onto so tightly and to allow this whole process to happen. I’m also reminded of this whenever Maxwell kicks. Those little punches are crazy and it’s so sweet just to physically feel something move (rather than just have this great expansion occurring everyday).

Exercise has actually been a lot of fun. I’ve only eliminated inversions (so no handstand push ups, ghds), tall box jumps, and the snatch. I’ve cut out the snatch, mainly, because my form was looking horrendous and I didn’t want my coach later on to kill me because I had developed such bad habits (I would swing the bar out way too much in front, due to my lady lump). The clean still looks decent and it feels good, so I still do it. I squat, deadlift, kipping pullups/negatives, lunge, press, row, run, kb swing, wall ball, partial burpee, double under…. Everything really does feels good. My running is way slow (as it was prior to pregnancy, but now multiply it 10x… like super slow land) and, most of the time, afterward I don’t even feel like I did a workout, so often times I’ll sub it for a row (which is sufficient in kicking my butt).

I suspect, once it gets warm, that I will want to be in a pool. I’ve always loved lap swimming, so I look forward to it. One thing that I go back and forth on, is whether or not to pursue some yoga. I’ve enjoyed it on occasion (and we have one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever worked with coaching at our gym). I am very systemically flexible, so, only on occasion do I do it (even when I’m not preggers). When you’re so systemically flexible (there are really easy ways to measure this, so if you’re curious, just ask), there is really no benefit to stretching muscles for prolonged periods of time.  You end up NOT stretching your muscles, but only your joints and ligaments making you more prone to injury.

The reason I would like to take a class is mainly for the breathing. I think that yoga breathing is one of the greatest things, since most often I forget to take those deep diaphragmatic breaths. BUT since I’m systemically so flexible and I’m preggers (more relaxin hormone = even more flexible, especially in the joints/ligaments), I’m not quite sure if it’s the best. This is all just my logic speaking, not so scientific, but more making an educated guess on how my body may respond to certain stimulus. I may try it out for a class and see how it feels afterward.

Maybe I just need to set aside some time to breath more.

Other Baby Things:

Name – We have a name!!!! Maxwell Arthur Morchat

Weight Gained – 16 # so far, it seems to creep up there everyday though 😉

Food Cravings – Cold things, mainly because of the weather I think. This summer is going to be rough. Oh and I still love me some nut butters/butter. I found a recipe on Pintrest for these coconut, nut butter, and butter mounds. Oh they are A-mazing! I’ve dominated some of those things…

Sleep – Going well, I sleep great throughout the night

Other neat things going on with Max: This week, he weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended. We get to see our midwife on Wednesday for another check up. I love getting to hear his little heart beat!


4 responses to “27 weeks

  1. So great, Jordan! I’m glad things are going well. I wanted to mention, though sadly I can’t find the article, that I recently read that yoga during pregnancy is really great for labor preparation. Many of the ladies who shared said that they felt their labor went a bit more smoothly because they had learned to breathe and relax through pain during yoga. Of course, that’s not a guarantee, but maybe something to think about! Rachael Jumonville did yoga throughout her pregnancy and may have some insight as well.

    • Jenni,

      I completely agree with you on the breathing aspect of yoga! I think true breathing/active relaxing is one thing most people (including myself) forget to do. Since baby Max has moved all of my organs either up or out of the way, taking a deep breath can be more difficult than before, so I do consider the practice of active breathing really important for pregnancy. I think my main concern was with the prolonged aspect of stretching that yoga encourages (and this is all me being overly logical in my thinking… I tend to over think things sometimes 😉 ). When people are already “systemically” flexible, prolonged stretching will actually encourage joint/ligament laxity rather than stretch the muscles. When your joints and ligaments are already loose and even more loose from the hormones produced by being preggers, this could lead to injury just doing everyday things around the house.

      Anyway… long answer, I do think I’ll go to maybe a class once a week for the breathing (I don’t think one class a week will hurt anything as long as I continue to lift weights). Val starts one up mid morning next week and it works really well with my schedule. So, I am excited about that!

      I do miss seeing you around!


  2. During labor, I would say the relaxing is MUCH more important than the breathing. Of course, if you’re hyperventilating, you’re not relaxing the muscles in your body. You’re right, with all the space the baby takes up it’s harder to take breaths as deeply as before, but slow and relatively deep breathing helps you relax enough. When you push is the only time you really need those deep breaths (since you’re holding your breath while pushing), but the baby has moved way down and your water has likely broken by then so there is much more breathing room (ability to take real deep breaths).
    I’m not at all discouraging yoga! If you’re taking a Bradley class (or just following the books) they have you practice relaxation every day, and that helped me greatly. It even with a newborn because I could help myself relax and let go in order to fall asleep, which is difficult if you’ve been stressed with a crying baby for a couple of hours.
    Glad to hear all is going well with your pregnancy!

    • Kathryn,

      The Bradley classes have been very helpful in practicing relaxing for sure! Especially the ice bath exercises… those are brutal! My main thing with exploring yoga is that I like to have something “scheduled” for active relaxing/breathing. I just know myself and I know I need to have a set time for certain things. With everything going on, breathing/relaxing is one definitely of those things that I tend to forget to do on a daily basis.

      Thanks for your input! I love hearing everyone’s stories! I hope you are well~


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