32 weeks!

Well we now have 8 weeks left!! I do apologize for the lack of posts, it always seems there is something else to do before blogging. So, now that we are in the final trimester, not a lot has changed except with each week we seem to have a new realization that Maxwell is coming. Danny and I get really giddy and then freak out a bit and then back to giddy…

There is still a lot to be completed with the nursery and little projects around the house. It’s not that I’m procrastinating, it’s more of a logistics thing (we will just leave it at that). So, until that first week in June there is not a lot that Danny and I can do. I have kept myself busy with work. I am really thankful that I love my job so much or I think the waiting would be torture.

I am still exercising regularly. It’s interesting to notice that when I’m at the gym or if I am continually just moving around, I still have plenty of energy, I don’t feel tightness in my pelvis, and just moving is easier in general. BUT if I have been sitting or laying around for a while, movement is a biatch. When I’ve been sitting for a while and begin to change positions, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years… I have definitely been paying attention to the amount of work I do, so that I don’t overload myself. But it has been more pleasant for me to keep a little active throughout the day.

Two weeks ago I cut out double unders. A good word of wisdom was given to me by my midwife, “even though you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should”. This was a really good word for me to hear. After reflecting and praying on that advice and some sweet words from family. I took out the double unders. I still squat, lunge, pull up, row, swim, deadlift, push up, kb swing, wallball, slamball, planks, mainly things with my feet on the ground or where it doesn’t seem like I’m “shaking the baby” …

The reason I still do these things is, because I believe 100% that they will help with labor and recovery. Squatting is one of the most important exercises a pregnant woman can do. It is actually a common and comfortable (for some) laboring position. So, I do keep those as a regular part of my workouts and I do keep a little weight loaded on the bar when I squat, right now my weights are about 50-60% of what my max effort was.

My food intake has not changed since pre-pregnancy. I still eat the same as I’ve always eaten (grain free, dairy free, sugar free, soy/legume free). On occasion I’ve had a little dairy, but this stuff brings out my congested nose big time. And I’ve also had a little white right every now and then, just depending on what’s going on. I’ve incorporated more bone broths (for calcium/minerals), a little more kombucha, and other fermented foods (sauerkraut, pickles), for the nice probiotics (and because they are just delicious). Here is my favorite pregnancy food so far, I add a lot of pickles and sauerkraut to this guy and it’s awesome:


I think on my next post, I’ll talk about some supplements I’ve been taking. Supplementation has always interested me, not in that I’m craving for a quick fix, but more so, I’m interested in the reasons on why people choose to supplement and at what points in life do we “need” to supplement. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t out supplement a bad diet. So, no matter how great your pill is, it is crap if you aren’t eating well.

Anyway…. that was a long post, I apologize. My goal is to be more regular in posting. Maybe once a week? I guess we will see…


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