33 weeks!

Well it’s now 33 weeks! 7 more to go! Life/things in life are overall pleasant. You know, I’ve really enjoyed this past month of pregnancy. Who would have thought, the bigger I get, I seem to like it more 😉 Maybe it’s just me getting used to the belly. The more I get used to it, the more I  seem to forget that at times I’m not the “tinny girl” who can squeeze through tight spaces as easily as before. This I have tried, it doesn’t work… even when I “suck in”… HA! I’ve also manage, many times, to shut the door on the belly. Nothing to crazy, but I go to close the door and it is most definitely stopped by my stomach. It makes me consider, why I intend on standing so close to the door when it closes. Who knows.

We also had such a sweet shower thrown for baby Maxwell this past weekend by some friends in the BCS. It was mustache themed, so many of the men decided to dress accordingly. The decorations were so sweet, I mean how cute is that little banner, mustache man, and picture frame! It was sooo fantastic and sooo great just to spend time with all of our friends. I cannot say how special it made us feel to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

These ladies are so stink’n beautiful and so special to me!  I am so blessed by each one of them in my life!

Me, Danny (with his chops), and Maxwell

Some of my sweet ladies from the ladies class! Oh how I love them!

My mom was able to make the trip from Odessa. It was such a treat to have her at the shower!

Exercise: Well workouts are the same as last week. I have been isolating a few muscle groups, because with these current routines, they may get a little left out… Namely, the calve muscles… I know, I know all you CrossFitters are out there rolling those eyes. I just don’t use them as often as I would and the movements typical CFer’s would do for them are pretty ballistic, and I’m avoiding pretty much all of those movements. It seems with a lot of pregnant women I work with or even just take notice of, the posterior chain gets left out. The posterior chain would be the butt, back (all portions), hamstrings, calves… basically your back side.

During pregnancy, boobs get bigger and place more pressure on the front side of the torso, typically creating a rounding of the shoulders and thus making good posture a challenge. The belly also gets bigger and the pelvis usually tilts anterior (giving you that nice ghetto booty). So, instead of stretching the pectorals muscles or the hip muscles, I’ve found it better (for me) to try to strengthen the opposing muscle groups in the posterior chain.

I still notice my posture is not what it once was, but I think that it is pretty natural during pregnancy to have some change and I guess it could be worse taking into account the extra load.

My friend, Jack, sent me this video. I was pretty into Kelly Starrett before this video, but it definitely reaffirms my respect for what he has to share. It is really refreshing to hear someone think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to this pregnancy thing. Just because something maybe labeled pre-natal, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you.


Sleep: Has been great! But, I will be honest, we did not get back from the shower until 12:15am on Saturday! Let’s just say, it wasn’t your atypical shower 😉 … We are still recovering from the lack of sleep that night, so sleeping has been pretty easy. I just need some more of it!

Food: I love it, like always. Okay, my current love is this coconut/nut butter mix. I heat 1/3 cup kerry gold butter (grass fed stuff, it’s awesome), ~ tbs of  unsweetened  cocoa pwd, and ~ tbs of honey in a pot. I let it simmer for about a minute and add ~1/3 cup of nut butter and 1 teas vanilla (mix well). Then add 2 cups of coconut and other nuts if you want to get creative. Spoon the goodness into bite sides pieces onto parchment paper and put in the freezer. YUM! So, easy and so yummy.

Baby Maxwell: He is kicking like crazy, some websites say he is as heavy as a pineapple and is about 17 inches long! I really can’t wait to meet him, although I am glad to have him cook a little longer. There is a lot to be done throughout the house before Mad Max makes his entry into the world 😉


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