38 weeks! And my pregnancy athletic attire.

So, one thing about pregnancy that “they” don’t really tell you… The clothing is pretty lame. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a slave to fashion. Yes, my vanity will probably be all over this post, I apologize in advance. One thing about being pregnant is that if you wear something loose and flowy, you look 10x larger than you actually are. Or at least, I just feel like a huge whale in the non-fitted outfits. So with that said, I’ve opted for the stretchy, fitted, and long options.

I’ve realized how minimally I can live off of (as far as clothes are concerned). My mom, from the beginning, advised me to get a nice pair of maternity jeans. And to be honest, I wish I would have done this, but it got so hot so quickly that I chose to just do leggings when I wanted to wear “pants”. I can’t wait to get my legs into some denim after Max gets out.

My profession is in the fitness/health arena, so I have a little bit of freedom to wear what feels comfortable. With the weather being a little toasty, I have 3 items that I wear almost EVERYDAY.  The first being my little shorty short, stretchy, shorts. I love them. Yes they maybe a bit leg exposing, but I’m cool with it… These Lululemon Hot’N Sweaty Shorts are great, because the waist line is super flexible and they don’t leave a seam line at my waist (I’m a little particular about lines/seams and such..). I think I bought them around  5 or 6 months, because my run speed shorts were getting a little tight. These shorts have been fantastic! The strings on the legs are a bit weird, but I just tuck them in and we are good to go.

My second necessity has been these sweet racerback tanks. I didn’t purchase any new tanks, because I already had quite a few of them (Lululemon Racerback Tanks). All of them have been long and stretchy enough to fit over the belly. I talked with some women who worked at Lulu and they said that the stretchy material they use is elastic enough to not ruin the tank. The word is, that it will stretch out with the belly and will retain normal shape/size for postpartum. Sounds, pretty fantastic…. I’ll let you know how they fit post-belly time.

My last big purchase during this pregnancy was a good sports bra. I noticed that at about 6 months a few of my good Lulu bras were getting stretched out. I don’t know how big these knockers will get or what they will end up like, so initially, I tried to look  at the cheaper places for bras like wal-mart, target, dillards… but I maybe a bit spoiled by the quality of my Lulu bras.  The others were just non supportive and they seemed to come all the way up to my neck. Gross.. SO, I did splurge on a larger Lulu bra. AND I am so glad, I wear it almost EVERYDAY! I like the more minimal, lower cut ones (because the tanks are also a little lower cut), so I chose the Lulu Daily Bra.

Anyway, these are the few athletic clothing items that I’ve been so glad to have during this pregnancy.  On a side note, I’m sure ready for Maxwell to come out. This waiting game is a crazy one. I am still doing everything like before. Most days I’m pretty comfortable. So, it leads me to think that he may delay us with his presence. I was working out with the Saturday class and asked “how many deadlifts do you think it would take to induce labor?”. Completely joking, of course… but I think it made a few of the men in the class a little nervous.

This is a little candid shot of me in my daily attire.. Check out those sexy cankles…

Exercises: I surprisingly really love wallballs right now. They used to be my nemesis, but I’ve grown to love them very much. Probably because they are the last few exercises left in my suitcase. KB swings, airdyne, swimming, rowing, squatting, deadlifts, push press, pull ups, step ups… These are a few of the last things I’ve been doing… I did do a few clean/jerks the other day, not much weight, they were just fun to do.

Food: I love me some coconut/nut butter balls of goodness (I usually only use about 1 tbsp of honey, instead of the 1/3 cup it calls for), frozen blueberries, meat of any kind, pineapples, papaya, eggs, coconut butter…

The thing I am looking forward to the most: Holding Max, of course! Besides having a sweet little boy, I am ready to move normally. Just movement without the reminding restrictions of tight round ligaments, funny hip tweaks, or big belly stuff. I really just want to do a burpee. Am I weird?

OH! AND.. my mom is planning on staying with us for  a week after Maxwell’s born. I’m really excited about that too. My family just lives so far away, so it will be nice to have them closer when the baby comes.

Anyway, thanks for listening… I know a lot of this is just random thoughts on what I’ve enjoyed or that have found to work for me. Sometimes it helps to hear what works for others. If not, I hope you find some humor in my pregnancy rantings.


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