About the Girl

“The more I know the more I realize that I have much more to learn.”        ~anonymous, or maybe it was me… who knows.

I’ve played soccer for a big portion of my life and quickly after college I began running and competing in Triathlons. It took ~year of running myself into the ground to realize that I was not really “healthy”. I was weighing barely a buck 5 and could not lift a weight to save my life.  I was what you would call a “skinny fat” kind of girl. On the exterior I appeared to be fit, but everything within was screaming at me to stop doing what I was doing to my body.

In 2007, my husband found CrossFit and that’s when my world changed.

Everything. Changed.

I was a Nutritionist for the government.

Food changed. I fought it, nails and teeth, I fought it. But the results were unavoidable. I moved from the pyramid to a gluten free, dairy free, legume free, sugar free lifestyle.  And my life was never the same. I guess you could call me ruined to the SAD (standard american diet). There were a few times I would TRY to go back and eat the way I had always eaten, BUT my body would revolt.

Training changed. Goals changed. My mind set CHANGED!

I started lifting weights. I think there is a video somewhere on YouTube of me doing my first Clean and Jerk. It’s ugly. But I never went back. I am not afraid of “bulking up”. I’ve done this for years and look at me know. I promise I’m not a huge girl, but I am a pretty fracking strong girl.

Everyone’s strength is relative and strength can be measured by other things than lifting weights. The body is not just a machine. It is emotional, mental, and yes physical. All these things come together to make you, you.

With all this talk about strength, I have found that I am most strong at the times when I feel at my weakest.

I have also come to find that sometimes I just need a little encouragement. I need to be reminded in those weak times that I am truly strong! I want this place to be encouraging, not demanding or condemning, but hopeful. We are faced with so much negative energy everyday, so let’s bring something positive out of the places we struggle with the most!

I will focus on two areas in this blog (although i believe everything is connected, so we may venture to other subjects). It seems from conversations, statistics, and the overall health of most people that these topics are things that make us weak to the knees to even think about.

Food and Exercise.

Two things we all love, right? Okay so I know we all love food, but here, in this blog, let’s focus on the kind to promote healing.

Exercise, probably another story. I find myself in a love/hate relationship with the fellow. I’m sure for most people it is the same or leaning toward a hate/hate type of thing.

I want to encourage you to know that you are strong! You can make choices to change. Find encouragement here! I will post my workouts and my food (along with pictures and recipes!).

So this is my story. This is where I am come from. I am not saying this is the perfect way. I’m just saying after years of eating from the pyramid, running myself into the ground for hours a day, feeling awful with bad joint issues, and living life based on how people tell me I should, here is where I am now! Healthy, stronger, more confident and feeling as if I could tackle anything.

So this is where I am now: I eat a different way, I move in functional ways and attempt to do things most may think  impossible.

Please come join me.

Take my advice or leave it. Tell me your story. Teach me the things you know and let’s learn together.

We can go into some science a little later.

I just wanted to say hello to the big black hole of people!


3 responses to “About the Girl

  1. Hi Strong Girl! I was searching for the paleo-granola recipe that my Crossfit friend made and I’m so happy to have found it on your site! I’ve been CFing since February and have gained in strength and health (tho weight still same) and totally get what your posts are all about. Keep up the good work and I’m going to tell my other CF friends about your site. One thing we all appreciate is really GOOD FOOD!

    P. S. Our CF affiliate is Centurian Crossfit Ft. Hood, TX

    • Maria,

      Thank you so much for your encouragement and for stopping by the site! Please let me know if you find any sweet recipes and I will continue to post the delicious ones!

      Thanks again,


  2. jmo!

    I didn’t realize you had this blog. I’m totally subscribing to it! 🙂

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